Intro Questions

1. Hi, my name is Jinny Park and I am a junior majoring in communication design.

2. I am minoring in Human Computer Interaction and I think it's interesting to see how I can apply code to my design work since most of the work I do is just through Adobe software.

3. I took classes from SuperHi this summer, but I wasn't able to finish it so I know very little/basic HTML.

4. I hope to get a better understanding of HTML so that I can incorporate it more into the work that I do.

5. I took Visual Principles for the Screen last semester and that was the first time that I took a class that taught basic elements of web design. Through that class I was able to think about user interaction in ways that I didn't have to when just working for paper. Most of the time, paper is read from left to right or top to bottom, but with a screen, the user has to navigate between multiple pages and also within the page itself. I think when designing for paper there's a limit to how the user can interact with the work. However, through the screen, I think there are many more opportunities for the user to interact and engage with the work.

6. The Whitney Museum of American Art website exemplifies effective design. Overall, the website is very clean and simple, which allows uers to navigate throughout the page easily without many distractions. The use of just black and white as well as the sans serif font allows the overall design of the website to be clear and effective.

7. The Hello Fresh website exemplifies effective communication. The website cleary communicates what it is that the company does and it is very easy to navigate around the website. The survey on the website is very starightforward, while also being effective in catering towards the user's needs.

8. The Adobe Fonts website works well in that it makes it easy for the user to look up different fonts and filter based on the type of font they are looking for. All the features of this website makes the process of going through hundreds of fonts much easier for the user.